300 movie propaganda

OK, a few days ago I was watching the movie 300 Spartans (modern version), and I noticed (aside from many other historical inaccuracies) that the Spartan king called the Athenians “boy lovers”, when historically the Spartans were in favor of homosexuality, because they thought that if there was a homosexual couple on the battle field together, that they would fight harder to impress or show off to the other male. This was obviously propaganda against homosexuals from the movie industries.


One response to “300 movie propaganda

  1. It doesn’t necessarily have to be intentional propaganda by the movie industry. It could perfectly be clear evidence of the assumptions of the society that said movie industry operates in. So, in this case, since the overall assumption in American society (and indeed in Western society, in general; perhaps also in other societies) is to identify homosexuality and effeminate habits, we find it difficult to accept that homosexuality was seen as a normal practice (actually, it was even promoted) in Sparta, which is the historical fact.

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