The Holidays!

OK, it’s nice to have all these holidays, but if you think about it, that’s just what companies,  for you start to buy a lot for the holidays, to capitalize everything. You see, they sell you the idea that buying is good since you’re doing it for someone else, but, I was actually thinking about this (and I even told my mother about it) that maybe we should have a Christmas where we don’t buy presents for each other, instead we make things for each other, and if you think about it with a different mind set, you could make a guitar solo for them, or something like a piece of drawing that you made, or something that doesn’t involve going out there and spending money on something that will just be trashed, and go back to the so called “true meaning of Christmas” where it’s about family, and if you listen to what the Grinch (yes, very funny, I know, but it’s true) says, complaining about Christmas, he’s right, that’s what Christmas is turning into, and all your gifts are sooner or later end up in the garbage, a complete waste of money that could be used for a better purpose. Think about it, about all those presents you’re buying, when if we lived in a less consumerist society, we wouldn’t be spending all of it.

Now that brings me up to another issue, the whole lights for your house for Christmas, did you know that Christ tried to give away his wealth, and live like others who were poorer than him, him being the son of god. Take him as an example! go to a local church, even if you’re atheist (cause I am) and donate that money to a charity, give to those in need, not your children who have enough stuff already! Now, I’m not saying that you should care about your children, I’m just saying that if you are reading this and you have enough money to get fancy Christmas lights and expensive presents for your kids (like most Americans do) then you can use that money towards charity, for those who actually need a Christmas present (not a toy, more like something to eat) and maybe you’ll feel better about yourself.

My conclusion is, spend less, give more to those in need. As for gifts for your family, make something, food, art, whatever you’re good at, sure, you might have to buy something here and there, but try your best to refrain from buying a lot, make presents from the heart.HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!


6 responses to “The Holidays!

  1. For an atheist, you have some pretty good Christian values! Seriously though, I’m not labeling them as Christian or atheist, just wanted to say I like them and I like your point. With Jerry’s family, we don’t exchange gifts, we just make a promise to be there for the family celebration. I like the idea of less focus on gifts… except yur mom’s truffles, because those are amazing!

    • It’s not Christian, many religions and philosophies have this mentality. I find that all religions and philosophies have a very leftist point of view on many matters, like giving to the poor, living with what you need and not what you want etc. I take much inspiration in the teachings of Buddha (Buddhism is considered by some a religion and by others a philosophy), and especially in two of his aspects: to save for eternal joy, to make this clearer, buy what will make you happy for the rest of your life, that you will always be happy with; and to follow the middle path, and if things start to slide to one side, tilt slightly to that side, but remember to always return to the middle. That last one is fairly known to be used by many philosophers, like Aristotle and (correct me if I’m wrong) Socrates.

  2. I love your thinking! Our goal each year is a gift that gives us time with each other or things we have made for each other. Big and LIl C’ each made me something and I LOVE them! We too often still give things but they are always a thing with a purpose and I like that, i.e. panniers for Lil C to use while biking her commute VS driving a car!

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