Rage Against the Machine – Testify

This band makes many left inclining songs which you can find most of on YouTube if they haven’t already been marked as “inappropriate”. This song talks about the lack of choice in the elections of 2000 in the United States of America, for even though there were two choices, one republican and another democrat, it was the choice between evil and lesser evil, this guy will hit me 20 times and this guy will hit me 19, which am I going to choose? 19 of course, but I still get hit close to 20 times either way. Another thing which I took a laugh at during the video, at moment 2:06 it shows a lesbian couple kissing and then immediately after George W. Bush taken a back, as if he was watching it. So much for land of the free.

Make it a good day or not, the choice is yours.

Organización 15 M.

The “Organización 15 M.” is a Leftist organization in Spain that is like the “Occupy Wallstreet” movement in the USA. I came across a Google document containing many of their posters, some of which have English translations, check out the link:


Working Class Hero – Green Day

This is a song originally by John Lennon from “The Beatles” that “Green Day” modified to make their own version. It talks about the pain and suffering that the working class endures, and how even then the rich and powerful try to prevent an uprising by giving us cheap commodities, defending their power with religion and to keep on telling us that we can all be at the top, when in reality we are doomed in this system to stay at this dreadful state. I hope you like this video:

Here is the original song by John Lennon:


Thank you, make it a good day or not, the choice is yours!

Local Shopping

I think all of us have gone to a grocery store, and all of us go to nice restaurants, and it’s fine to do that every once in a while. But as company owned stores and restaurants grow bigger, the local businesses are all losing their place in society. Think about it this way, those people make a living out of that, and by buying at big company owned shops, you make it easier for them to go bankrupt.

One of the reasons why we should go to local businesses is because, for one, most of them will have more natural and healthy products, in the case of local food markets; Another reason would be that this is how these people make a living, not like big company owned stores where the owners aren’t even doing the work, they’re just sitting down at their desk doing paperwork; another reason would be that this would recreate the community we once had, for example, my dad grew up in a society with mainly local shops, everyone knew him and he knew everyone, if he was getting in trouble or if he was being bullied… whoever noticed would tell my grandparents what happened and (in the second case) tell the bully’s parents what he had done. When I moved to Spain and we went to the local market, everyone knew him, and it was way more conservatory than what you would find at a supermarket.

So if you know a local barber shop or market, next time, please go there and talk to the people around you. Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours!