Tax Burden Compared to Poverty Rate in USA by State (2008)

I recently did another study on the comparison between the tax burden and the poverty rate in the USA by state for the year 2008. What most people would think is that higher taxes would mean higher poverty, well that’s wrong, here’s my data. When I did the research the results gave a different answer, the Pearson Coefficient gave -0.22166… If taxes caused higher poverty rates the result of the Pearson Coefficient would be positive(+), but the result was negative(-), which suggests that higher taxes are related to lower poverty. If you have evidence against my data, please post it in the comments below.

Tax Compared to Unemployment in the USA

Conservatives and such, like to say here in the USA, that high taxes make a higher unemployment rate. I tested this theory by comparing the tax revenue of personal income of the individual states, with the unemployment rate of each individual state, for the year of 2007. My results are on this link.

I also did the Pearson coefficient for it to see how relative it was to being either directly proportional (in which case higher taxes is related to higher unemployment), inversely proportional (in which case higher taxes is related to lower unemployment), or not related at all. When I got the number back the result was 0.0757666384… meaning that there is pretty much no relation between the two, if what conservatives say was right then it would have given at least 0.3-0.5, but that’s not the case. The hypothesis I get out of this number is that, in the USA at least, there is no relation between taxes and unemployment.