Capitalism and War

Many People don’t realize this, but capitalism is the cause of a great deal of our wars. To explain the why, first I’m going to explain a little of how capitalism functions. Capitalism needs money constantly moving in the economy, whether it’s selling old shoes, some cars, hiring a hit-man, paying to repair an accident, or funerals, all of those benefit capitalism. This is measured by the GDP (Gross Domestic Product), which measures how much money is moving in the economy, independently from where or of what cause.

Now that we have that cleared, back to the main subject of this post. After what I said before, I bet most of you who are reading this see where I’m going, if not, I’m sure it will make sense to you soon. When capitalism is dominant (as it is) and there is a major crisis (as we are seeing), the system will try to find some way to get money, it will start with high taxes, so that the government will be able to use it on private companies to get money moving, but if that doesn’t work, capitalism will use war. Some of you might ask “Why war?”, well, the reason is quite simple to understand.

Let’s put the U.S. as an example, the country with the most wars in the last 50 years, and also the most capitalist country. Many people in the U.S. will not protest like we do in the rest of the world, which already makes things a lot easier for the system. Another thing is that there are a lot of people in the U.S. who are pro-military, making it even more easy to start a war. So, all together, if the U.S. government raises taxes for war against some country, as long as the media continue to say (and they do) that the soldiers are out there fighting for freedom and democracy and such, everyone is O.K. with it. The results will be, raised taxes so the government has more money to spend, the money will be spend in the military, and there we go, the GDP goes flying upwards. So, all in all, war benefits capitalism, making it a great alternative for the system in a situation of crisis.

Now that you know all of this (you might have already), start putting two and two together and you’ll see that where we’re headed is World War III, and it will most likely be started by the U.S., which will go through a major crisis very soon.

All this, along with the end of oil coming up, shows that things are going to get very bad, bad to the point where war is almost inevitable. But people will continue with their lives, laughing at us who say this, saying that we’re crazy, and then when it happens, they’ll say that there was no warning. Well, here’s your warning, and there’s no politician who’s going to save you from it. We need to change our style of life now, we need to change how we think, how we live, how much we consume, all before it’s too late. The time to rebel is now, not in 30 years when things are already in terrible conditions, now is the time.

2 responses to “Capitalism and War

  1. I’ll have to disagree with you on a couple points.
    Most notably, the U.S. has not raised taxes to pay for a war in ages, we just keep financing our wars through debt.
    Who finances the debt for war? Same people that’ve always done it: the bankers.
    This has been going on forever, a notable example is the Battle of Waterloo, at which both the French and English were heavily funded by exactly the same people (blood-sucking bankers)!
    So number one problem I’d say is the debt, and in effect the bankers and the corporate welfare enabled by the U.S. government.
    Second problem is the military industrial complex, who continually produce, invent, and sell weapons across the globe.
    The lobbyists for the military industrial complex are a giant influence in Washington and keep the war machine heavily financed by debt/taxes.

    So can we blame Capitalism? No, but we can blame the system we currently have: bastardized capitalism.

    I think blaming capitalism just helps the REAL issue stay relatively unknown, the problem of Corporatism, the Military Industrial Complex (an arm of our capitalist system), and the BANKS.

    But yes, these all do fall under the general terminology of “capitalism”.

    • Actually, capitalism is capitalism, so the only thing to blame is capitalism. Next, There has been no need for higher taxes so far because of the income from when any country purchases gas in the American dollar, inflation, and (as you said) dept.

      Now, if you are saying that we should return to what capitalism was after WWII, the only reason that capitalism was so “grand” during that time was because Soviet communism was just around the corner, and they had to make capitalism look better than communism, which they did. But once the communist threat was gone, capitalism could reveal its true face.

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