Gun Control

Recently there has been a shooting in a school in Connecticut, and we are again debating about guns and gun control here in the US. Well, before I get to the part where I tell you my opinion and reasons, let’s go through why people want guns here in the US.

First of all, people will say that we need guns to defend ourselves against whoever else might have a gun. Then, conservatives especially will say, that we need guns to defend ourselves against the government. Well, what I can say here is that we’re fucked either way. If you have a gun, and someone wants to rob you, if you take it out they will be scared and most likely prone to shoot you. If the government decides to create some fascist Fourth Reich, then we’re fucked because there’s not enough community here in the US for people to communicate and create a resistance group. There is no one man revolution, a revolution needs to be carried out by a large mass of people.

Another reason why people say we need guns is to defend ourselves against the “terrorists”. Well, let me just say that the only reason why the “terrorists” want to kill people here in the US is because we go over there with guns and demand cheap oil from them, when it is fully their right to sell their oil at whatever price they want. So I’m sure that they would be happier if there were less guns around.

So my opinion (if you haven’t already guessed) is that of a pacifist, get rid of the guns. It’s simple, get rid of all the guns, even military guns, and there will be no reason for people to die of gunfire. Now, I know that if there are no guns than people will find something else, like knifes. However, knifes aren’t as efficient at killing people as guns are, otherwise we would use knifes as a primary weapon in the military. But if you remove guns it will solve the majority of our problems with killings.

If you think about it, the majority of killing come from wars, and gun killings. To reduce war, you need to get rid of these ideas of patriotism, nationalism, and countries in general, and instead, let people live with what they need and very little more, and let people care for one another. Once that is done, if we remove guns, there will be little to no violence. We will not need to defend ourselves from a government, we will not need to defend ourselves from a robber, we will not need to defend ourselves from other countries because there are none.

But again, the first step is to remove nationalism, patriotism, and countries and to unite as the human race.

John Lennon

It has been 32 years since the death of John Lennon, a former Beatles member who died on this day in front of his hotel in New York City by a fanatic.

John Lennon dreamed of a world without war, hunger, violence, possessions, greed, corruption, or hate. However, so far we have not made any progress to achieving this, and it’s about time we do.

I have spent the day listening to Beatles and John Lennon music, remembering the messages he sent of a better world. He believed we could make it, we shouldn’t let him down.

Here’s his song “Imagine” for us all to enjoy, as we too dream of a better world as he did.