I am currently in the U.S.A., the most capitalist country in the world. Society here is so individual compared to in Europe, the most I’ve seen here of a community are the community gardens, and even those are separated into different cells for each person, and each person is in charge of their personal cell. This is the exact reason why there will be no revolution here, people are too individualistic, groups are small, there are no powerful organizations. But what makes things even worse for a leftist, is that everything is just changed into another thing to consume.

People here like to think that they are very rebellious, and they think that the hippie movement here was also very rebellious, truth is, it wasn’t. At the beginning of the hippie movement it was rebellious, but all the system did was to sell them what they liked. Instead of selling them classical music, they sold them rock; instead of selling them ties, they sold them pajamas; instead of selling them American flags, they sold them peace signs. They just ended up buying different things, but in the same proportions.

It is estimated by environmentalists, that if about 80% of the people in capitalist countries stop consuming for a month, the whole system will fall apart. If the hippies were so rebellious, the government would have been desperate to take them down and keep them quite. But there wasn’t a lot of struggle from the government to prevent the hippie movement, because they consumed just like everyone else, only different stuff, but same quantities.

This all adds up to the fact that here there is no sense of community, it is encouraged by the society to be alone, to do things alone. Things are this way because of how it was set up, by the capitalists and aristocracy that are in control. And that is why, when the revolution comes, the U.S.A. will be the final battle for socialism, the revolution will make it here last.

This does not mean that those of us who are in the U.S.A. currently can’t try to start a revolution and protest, in fact, that’s what should be happening. All I’m saying is, don’t expect anything great to come out of which ever organization you make, this is the belly of the beast.


Rage Against the Machine – Testify

This band makes many left inclining songs which you can find most of on YouTube if they haven’t already been marked as “inappropriate”. This song talks about the lack of choice in the elections of 2000 in the United States of America, for even though there were two choices, one republican and another democrat, it was the choice between evil and lesser evil, this guy will hit me 20 times and this guy will hit me 19, which am I going to choose? 19 of course, but I still get hit close to 20 times either way. Another thing which I took a laugh at during the video, at moment 2:06 it shows a lesbian couple kissing and then immediately after George W. Bush taken a back, as if he was watching it. So much for land of the free.

Make it a good day or not, the choice is yours.

Working Class Hero – Green Day

This is a song originally by John Lennon from “The Beatles” that “Green Day” modified to make their own version. It talks about the pain and suffering that the working class endures, and how even then the rich and powerful try to prevent an uprising by giving us cheap commodities, defending their power with religion and to keep on telling us that we can all be at the top, when in reality we are doomed in this system to stay at this dreadful state. I hope you like this video:

Here is the original song by John Lennon:

Thank you, make it a good day or not, the choice is yours!

The Holidays!

OK, it’s nice to have all these holidays, but if you think about it, that’s just what companies,  for you start to buy a lot for the holidays, to capitalize everything. You see, they sell you the idea that buying is good since you’re doing it for someone else, but, I was actually thinking about this (and I even told my mother about it) that maybe we should have a Christmas where we don’t buy presents for each other, instead we make things for each other, and if you think about it with a different mind set, you could make a guitar solo for them, or something like a piece of drawing that you made, or something that doesn’t involve going out there and spending money on something that will just be trashed, and go back to the so called “true meaning of Christmas” where it’s about family, and if you listen to what the Grinch (yes, very funny, I know, but it’s true) says, complaining about Christmas, he’s right, that’s what Christmas is turning into, and all your gifts are sooner or later end up in the garbage, a complete waste of money that could be used for a better purpose. Think about it, about all those presents you’re buying, when if we lived in a less consumerist society, we wouldn’t be spending all of it.

Now that brings me up to another issue, the whole lights for your house for Christmas, did you know that Christ tried to give away his wealth, and live like others who were poorer than him, him being the son of god. Take him as an example! go to a local church, even if you’re atheist (cause I am) and donate that money to a charity, give to those in need, not your children who have enough stuff already! Now, I’m not saying that you should care about your children, I’m just saying that if you are reading this and you have enough money to get fancy Christmas lights and expensive presents for your kids (like most Americans do) then you can use that money towards charity, for those who actually need a Christmas present (not a toy, more like something to eat) and maybe you’ll feel better about yourself.

My conclusion is, spend less, give more to those in need. As for gifts for your family, make something, food, art, whatever you’re good at, sure, you might have to buy something here and there, but try your best to refrain from buying a lot, make presents from the heart.HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!

300 movie propaganda

OK, a few days ago I was watching the movie 300 Spartans (modern version), and I noticed (aside from many other historical inaccuracies) that the Spartan king called the Athenians “boy lovers”, when historically the Spartans were in favor of homosexuality, because they thought that if there was a homosexual couple on the battle field together, that they would fight harder to impress or show off to the other male. This was obviously propaganda against homosexuals from the movie industries.