Hello world!

I was looking for a free programming language or tool to write my own flash program in, when I came across HaXe. HaXe is an open-source multi-platform programming language. This means that the code for it (which is written in Ocaml) is open to the public, and multi-platform meaning that it can be compiled into many different programming languages, HaXe in specific can currently be compiled into C++, flash, flash8, JavaScript, Neko, and PHP, and they are currently working on compiling it in Java and C#. This makes programming a lot easier, learning one programming language, you can make programs for 6 other languages.

Now, of course, learning HaXe and compiling it in C++ won’t be nearly as powerful or flexible as learning C++ itself, but if all you want to do is a relatively simple program (that is, don’t use this for work) it’s fine. And it’s way better than wasting $700 on a puny Adobe flash program.

The HaXe syntax is a lot like Java, and even more like JavaScript, which makes it relatively easy for people coming from those backgrounds to adjust to it. There are also a lot of tutorials and snippets that beginners and intermediates can look at for help, along with a forum where you can ask questions. And if you aren’t satisfied with the libraries that they have on their main page (http://haxe.org/) there is another website with many more libraries that can be downloaded at <http://lib.haxe.org> and installed for free.

I hope this comes of use to all of you that are reading this. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day.