How Entities Control Our Lives

We many times like to think that even if we are been spied on, and we have a government which is letting major corporations getting away with poisoning our food and water, that we are still free as individuals, and that we individuals do not willingly give in to our own incarceration. However, the truth is that we do, and not only that, but we think it makes us special, we think it makes us more important.

Most will not be wondering what I am talking about, but the problem is, we see incarceration and a dystopian society in a way similar to George Orwell’s book 1984 where there was a totalitarian government that controlled every aspect of our lives, and we hated it. However, what if instead of a government, the ones that are truly controlling our lives are multinational corporations, who play puppet theater with our government, and us.

Now, to what this has to do with you as a consumer, it has everything to do with you. Corporations have found ways to turn every part of our lives into a transaction, a business, something where they can make a profit. The most obvious example is the gym (in the U.S. cultural sense of the term, which is more like a club where people go to do exercise), where people take their cars to go to the gym to be there for an exact amount of time doing exercise that they could have done just walking around.

However, this applies to much more than just people wanting to do exercise. You have dating websites, which are taking an extremely personal part of your life and making it a business. They are taking something that should be personal between two people, a decision that they make by themselves out previous knowledge of each other, and turning relationships into a market where they can make a profit.

Then, there is also the fact that nowadays people are hiring mentors for their children. The process of which is basically that you give one of these associations a request, and they give you a well rounded person to mentor your child. Something that should be done by either the parents, or someone that the family, and most of all the child, actually knows.

Then, there are these friend associations which are where they designate your child a friend to play with, that is considered socially acceptable. Which means they are taking you friendships and turning them into a business as well.

However, what do these have to do with your personal freedom? The fact is that these are all central parts of ones life where associations and businesses are giving you and your family people to socialize with that are specifically socially acceptable, and therefore act like the majority of people. Where these organizations can make sure you never encounter other people who are interested (as I would suppose the readers of this blog are) in alternative ways of living, in going against the norm, in rebelling against the current system. These people can stop you from meeting anyone else like you, and therefore turn you into a mindless zombie that can only talk about yesterdays football match, and how drunk your going to get this Friday, and if you’re a girl, who is going out with who, and what clothes you plan on buying this weekend.

But not only that, but then we end up with a society where everyone is booked from dawn to dusk (and later) with activities. I know kids who from 7:30 to 14:00 they are at school, then they have after school activities that last until 17:00, then they go to work until 22:00, and finally come home to eat some crap food and do homework while watching the latest TV show. And as I said in my post on Free-Time, most of these kids don’t even need these jobs, they just want to be able to consume more and more. But then, on weekends, they go shopping, they have more activities, they go to the gym, etc. People have their whole life on an agenda, and the only way to organize a time to meet with these people is to organize it weeks in advance.

So be careful what you do in your spare time, and how many activities you sign up for (and more importantly, what activities you sign up for). And always try to have at least an hour of free-time a day where you can sit down and just think about things. Think whether you really need to be doing something, or even more importantly, whether you really want to at all. Because life is short, and if you’re going to spend it by letting it go by so you can live a life as the majority, it’s not a life worth spending. Live your life, don’t waste time on these useless activities that you don’t need.

La Diferencia Entre Trabajo Y Persona

“Todos como yo: usurpando un honor que no merecíamos con un oficio que no sabíamos hacer. Algunos persiguen sólo el poder, pero la mayoría busca todavía menos: el empleo.”

– Señor Presidente, del libro Buen Viaje, Señor Presidente de Gabriel García Márquez.

Esta cita de Gabriel García Márquez de su cuento “Buen Viaje, Señor Presidente” habla sobre un tema que nos olvidamos siempre. Cuando pensamos en nuestros políticos, pensamos en ellos como personas; o mejor dicho, no distinguimos entre el político como persona, y el polítoco como cargo político. Pensamos que aplicarían los mismos valores que aplican en su vida diaria que aplican en su oficio. Y por tanto, si un político have algo malo pensamos que es porque ese tipo es mala persona.

Como bien indica el Señor Presidente del cuento en esta cita, hay políticos como eso, gente a quienes solo les importa el poder. Pero, también es verdad que la amplia mayoría de los políticos no son así, y por lo tanto, haran una cosa en el trabajo, y otra en su vida cotidiana. No son los políticos como persona que están mal, es el oficio, y harán cualquier cosa en su oficio para ganar las siguientes elecciones.

La consequencia de esto es que la gente normal (osea, la mayoría de nosotros en cualquier país) lo vé de una manera tan simplísta, que cambiamos los políticos año tras año sin darnos cuenta que lo que falla es el oficio, no uno, sino todos, el sistema entero. Y hasta que no se cambia el problema de fondo, no se solucionará nada.

Western Culture

I wrote an essay for my Social Studies class on Google Drive, and I thought it would be a good idea to share on my blog. Click here to read the document, and you can ask me questions or reply to it here on my blog.


The Deterioration of Education

These days, education has lost much of it’s meaning. As capitalism has been expanding, schools have been focusing more on the entertainment of the students than expanding their knowledge. I will give the example of the U.S. since that is where I am currently studying, but this does not mean that it doesn’t happen elsewhere in the world, and if it’s not there, it will be. Here in the U.S. there are a few new philosophies of teaching that are going around, one of them is that teachers try to make the subject “fun” by adding useless things like videos, raps, or The Simpsons and using them as teaching methods.

The reasons people give for this kind of education is that they say one of two things: “everyone learns differently” or “we want children to love learning”. Now, here are my arguments for these. First of all, people do not learn chemistry through a Simpsons video, that is absurd. I did a little experiment with my brother, I made him watch one of these “Bill Nye The Science Guy” videos and after I asked him questions. He barely remembered things then, and when I asked him the same question a few months later, he couldn’t answer a single one. Meanwhile, try the same experiment with a book, and you’ll see that people will remember much more about the book than the documentary; especially if the documentary was made to entertain the students, not teach them.

The next thing about the “everyone learns differently” is that it gives even more reason to show you other ways to learn. The main method of learning they should teach in schools is by reading and writing, because those are vital parts of out society. For instance, if your a programmer and someone wants you to fix a bug, and they send you a word document on how to fix it; if you say “Could you put it into a rap for me? I can’t understand it if it’s not in a rap”, they will at first think you are joking, and if you aren’t, you will be fired on the spot.

Raps are good for nothing when it comes to education, and videos are only good for more physical things, like chemistry labs. However, this does not mean humor videos either, only serious videos about things like replacing bike parts or computer parts or something like that.

Now, as for the “we want children to love learning”, if you want children to “love learning”, you’re doing it the wrong way. You don’t teach someone how to play a sport by changing the rules of the sport, you make the child learn and adapt to the rules of the sport. Same in education, you don’t change education to make it fun, you make the kids think that education is fun, that learning is fun.

To make children love learning, you need to start early, and they need to be surrounded by an environment where learning is the most important thing. However, what people (especially parents) don’t like about this is that they have to make an effort to raise their child well; and for those who already have children, it means that they haven’t done their job as a parent. I know that if you’re a parent with a kid that doesn’t like learning I have basically insulted you by saying this, however, the best thing you can do in this case is to help your grandchildren.

Teacher’s also don’t like the idea that the learning aspect mostly happens at home, because most teachers like to think that they are a vital part of their students’ lives. Truth is, the teachers are as important as the child’s distant cousin that they barely see. This is not to say that teachers have not influence on the child or that they are not important, but don’t think that teachers are the key to everything in a child’s life.

The reason we like to think that teachers are the most important thing is because of Hollywood, which constantly makes movies of how a teacher changes a class full of delinquents to a hard studying class. Truth is, this never happens, and even if you ask the people that were actually involved in this event (since a lot of those movies will say “based on a true story”), you will see that they say that it wasn’t like that at all, that the teacher didn’t change the whole class, just the lives of a few people.

The best example would be this: you go to school with a group of other people, you are in the same classes and same teachers with all these people throughout high school. Why is it that you all end up very different, and some more successful than others? The reason is because the teacher isn’t the key.

So, in general, the key to how the child ends up is at home. So to make sure that the child grows up to be an educated woman/man, you would have to make sure that at home he is taught that education is important.

Now, when I say that you have to teach them that education is important, I don’t mean that you have to be persistent about their grades, only 100% on everything. What I mean is that at home, instead of watching CSI: Miami or the latest season of Supernatural, you should watch a serious documentary about science, or math, or something like that. Or instead of playing games on a computer, find a way to teach them how to program one (you could enroll them in a class, which I would be happy to help you find one, because I personally have a hard time finding good computer programming classes).

Now, this is not to say that this is all they should do, I am the first one who would tell you that the most important thing for a child is to have some free-time (which gives me an idea for my next post, because free-time doesn’t mean the same thing everywhere), and socialization with friends and family (by family I mean extended family) every day (I don’t mean you have to see your grandmother every day, I mean you have to socialize every day). All I’m saying is that when it comes to teaching you child, you should show them to learn, instead of passively consuming what others have already done. You must teach your child to be productive, not just a consumer.

In conclusion, I think that schools are going to wrong way trying to educate children, that they are wasting time with things that don’t matter. We can’t do anything about this to help others, all we can do is to help the people we know, and hope for the best.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it,


One of the mistakes we have in our societies is that we still think of things in a national and static way. For instance, when you ask people about whether a glass is half empty or half full, they will either say “half empty”, “half full”, or “both”. Now, if you viewed things from a dynamic point of view you would say “Well, it depends, are you adding water to the glass, or are you taking it out?”. Things are dynamic and changing.

Another real life example, when people talk about debt they usually say a number of how high it is (i.e. 3 trillion), but the correct way to put it would be to say if it has been increasing or decreasing, and at what rate. Otherwise the data is meaningless and you are wasting your time.

The other things about how we view things nationally, is that we always see things in the old mentality, as if economies and the environment were still more local. This would not have been such a problem some hundred years ago, but by now capitalism and the economy have gone global. Now, pretty much everything affects the rest of the world.

This is also meant for those who are politically to the left. A lot of leftists think that the U.S. is responsible for everything, and that’s not true. Now, I am not denying that the U.S. is the belly of the beast, the heart of capitalism, but we do need to change that mentality, because the real people to blame are the social and economic elite in every country. They are the ones responsible, not only one country.

The world has gone global, and we need to start thinking as they do if we want to fully understand how they are controlling and manipulating us.

Finally, the most important thing to do is to think of things like a system. For many years, we have thought of things with Newtons philosophy, that everything is but a piece in a machine, and if every piece is placed correctly, the machine will run smoothly. The problem with this is that too many things are connected these days that it has turned from being a machine to being a system. We need to start thinking of social studies in a biological way, as if it were an ecosystem. Because that’s what it truly is, everything is interconnected in so many ways that it is too complex to be like a piece of clockwork, instead it is a system with many connections, like the internet.

We are entering into a new era where this is the mentality that will be needed to fully understand why and how things work. Once we see that, we will be prepared for the future; once we see that, we will be ready to take advantage of it and perhaps make a better future for the human race and the other being that live here with us.


Before we get to the main subject, we first need to know what a philosophy is. Most people think that a philosophy is a very complex thing that’s difficult to understand, something so unworldly, strange, and complex as the meaning of life. Well, a philosophy is nothing but an idea, a point of view, you don’t need to study philosophy in college to be a philosopher, do you think Diogenes, Epicurus or Socrates went to a special school to study how to be a philosopher? no, they didn’t. When ever you think about a subject or you reflect upon something or you question an idea and apply logic to it, that is exactly what a philosopher does. Now, knowing this, we can move on to how this is connected with politics.

Pretty much every democracy in the world is a two party system (where only two parties really rule): in Spain it’s PP (Partido Popular) and PSOE (Partido Socialista Obrero Español), in the U.S. it’s Democrats and Republicans, etc. and you will notice that most people will identify themselves with one or the other, nothing else (unless there are other parties that still have some influence, like in Spain IU [Izquierda Unida]). In this you can already see a lack of diversity in opinions, how most people will stick to the norm which is center-left or center-right. Now, the problem isn’t this, it’s that people will define what they believe by their philosophy, they will say “I’m liberal, therefore I need to believe this and vote this.” The problem with this is that then you ask for their opinion in a not so political conversation and they might say different. The problem is that instead of deciding what you believe in on each subject and then saying which popular political ideology you are closest to, people will choose a political ideology and believe whatever that political ideology says you must believe in.

So now you might ask what you should do. Well, what you should be doing is instead of choosing sides on something as big as what political philosophy you have, choose on smaller things. For instance, in the U.S. we are having referendums (or had depending on when you are reading this) on whether or not we should have voter ID’s to stop voter fraud (for those of you that live in the rest of the world, yes, I know that you solved it decades ago, but most people here don’t like to learn from abroad). Now, at first, if you never really thought about the subject, if you were a democrat you would vote no, and if you were a republican you would vote yes. However, what you should do is to think, how does this affect my community, after all, we are trying to stop voting fraud in the country; and after thinking about it, you might want to vote the same thing, or the opposite, or something else entirely. For instance, my opinion on the voter ID is that we should have a voter ID in the U.S., but the government should also do a census to see who is going to vote and assign them a place to vote; when the voter goes to his/her assigned place to vote, there will be a list so that the people at the voting booths (who are chosen at random) will check you off the list of people who are supposed to vote based off you ID.

So, as you can see, you don’t need to base what you believe in on an individual subject, off of an already existing ideology. Now, as to how this connects to philosophy, everyone has their own philosophy, you have your own. Now, does that mean we are all philosopher, no, only those that actually stop, think, and choose independently of which popular ideology they supposedly follow, are philosophers. But that does not change the fact that you have your own philosophy, you might not use it in reality, but you have it.

Moral is, think for yourself; even though your personality is made by your community, you are still an individual being who can think for itself, you still have power as an individual to make your own decisions. So instead of making decisions based on what your popular ideology is, make decisions based on what you think is right after thinking about it thoroughly. You are not limited to what the system gives you or wants you to believe, your mind is always free to think what it wants, you are always in control of your life and you beliefs. So next time you are going to vote on something or make a decision, stop and think for a minute before you do, you might find that even though your popular ideology says one thing, your personal logic says another.

Fuck the vote

Hello everyone, I am currently subscribed to the “The People’s Uprising” on Facebook, and they posted a video that I found explains pretty much exactly why it is useless to vote. Now, a little bit of my point of view on the video. I’m not sure if the person that made this video meant this when he posted it, but, when in the video he says that companies are meant to serve you, the way I see it is that only local companies are there to serve you, the rest are only there to take profit from you. A little reflection for you there. But enough of me, here’s the video (by the way, please watch the whole thing, if you watch only the first minute you don’t get the real message):


Stuff – Nicolás Ortega

There are so many things that surround us
Artificial things made by exploited beings
People that did nothing to deserve such harsh treatment
While we all pay the people that keep them prisoner

We buy clothes and computers and drinks
Most of which we could do without
Making the wall around you taller as it closes you in
All while these workers have nothing but sweat and blood

Mother nature continues to crumble
As we suck wealth from her like a parasite
She loses her beauty as we kill her slowly
With our greedy souls and our minds bent profit

There’s no renewable energy
There will always be some material to extract
Whether is it’s gasoline, coal, or silicon
The only solution is to consume less

We continue to buy more and more things
Stuff that we want because other people have it
Stuff that we want to impress others
Stuff to fill up the gap in our hearts where there was once love

We buy to fill up this gap in our hearts
But the heart cannot be filled with material things
It is love that we need to fill this gap
Love not only of a partner, but of everyone around

House & Television

House & Television – Nicolás Ortega

Life is silent
Everyone lives in cells
Made by their own actions
And their own individualism

Everyone lives in fear
Fear of the guy next door
Nobody knows him
Nobody knows anyone

People are locked inside
Being brainwashed by screens
Watching as the world they live in
Slowly falls apart

People build their own walls
Walls that only a select few can climb
They try to isolate themselves
Making their world smaller and smaller

Finally, the wall is complete
You know only yourself
They try You start to fall into pieces
As you cease to exist

The City

The City – Nicolás Ortega

It’s never dark
The sky never turns black
The stars are all covered
By the lights of the city

The moon shines bright
But is covered by clouds
Dark clouds of evil
That are caused by our pollution

There is never silence
Always noise
Noise of the city
Which clouds our minds

There’s too much stuff
Things that cloud our minds
Luxuries that chain us
Trapped in homes which are our cells

There are lights on all night
Of peoples televisions on all night
Indicating those that are infected
Needing the noise to sleep

This is life in the city
A place of noise, violence, and evil
Where people are infected with individualism
And consumerism which haunts them daily

The Battle Continues

In Spain, the miners continue to fight back against the police and the anti-rioters, but now, with even more support than before. Spain has been cutting everywhere to save more private banks that are going bankrupt, which means that all social workers are having their salaries cut, along with health and education. Many of you that are American (from the U.S.) might notice that the miner complains that they now have to pay 1 euro for medicines. Well, before they didn’t have to pay (I know that here it’s damn expensive, as is everything), but, now only that, but think about people who are so poor, that they cannot afford it, or retired people (note, that as I said before, their income will also be cut) who need 10 different pills.

Because of all these cuts, the situation in Spain is getting massive, people are angry, and even the police and anti-rioters are protesting after their shifts, telling the Spanish government “Remember, your security is in our hands!” outside public buildings. Along with the miners, who have all gathered in Madrid, Spain’s capitol, where they protest in front of government buildings, hosting the largest protest that Spain has had, since they started recording with the protest against the fascist government, during the rule of Francisco Franco.

Here is a video of the protests, it is in Spanish, but it has English subtitles:

Capitalism and War

Many People don’t realize this, but capitalism is the cause of a great deal of our wars. To explain the why, first I’m going to explain a little of how capitalism functions. Capitalism needs money constantly moving in the economy, whether it’s selling old shoes, some cars, hiring a hit-man, paying to repair an accident, or funerals, all of those benefit capitalism. This is measured by the GDP (Gross Domestic Product), which measures how much money is moving in the economy, independently from where or of what cause.

Now that we have that cleared, back to the main subject of this post. After what I said before, I bet most of you who are reading this see where I’m going, if not, I’m sure it will make sense to you soon. When capitalism is dominant (as it is) and there is a major crisis (as we are seeing), the system will try to find some way to get money, it will start with high taxes, so that the government will be able to use it on private companies to get money moving, but if that doesn’t work, capitalism will use war. Some of you might ask “Why war?”, well, the reason is quite simple to understand.

Let’s put the U.S. as an example, the country with the most wars in the last 50 years, and also the most capitalist country. Many people in the U.S. will not protest like we do in the rest of the world, which already makes things a lot easier for the system. Another thing is that there are a lot of people in the U.S. who are pro-military, making it even more easy to start a war. So, all together, if the U.S. government raises taxes for war against some country, as long as the media continue to say (and they do) that the soldiers are out there fighting for freedom and democracy and such, everyone is O.K. with it. The results will be, raised taxes so the government has more money to spend, the money will be spend in the military, and there we go, the GDP goes flying upwards. So, all in all, war benefits capitalism, making it a great alternative for the system in a situation of crisis.

Now that you know all of this (you might have already), start putting two and two together and you’ll see that where we’re headed is World War III, and it will most likely be started by the U.S., which will go through a major crisis very soon.

All this, along with the end of oil coming up, shows that things are going to get very bad, bad to the point where war is almost inevitable. But people will continue with their lives, laughing at us who say this, saying that we’re crazy, and then when it happens, they’ll say that there was no warning. Well, here’s your warning, and there’s no politician who’s going to save you from it. We need to change our style of life now, we need to change how we think, how we live, how much we consume, all before it’s too late. The time to rebel is now, not in 30 years when things are already in terrible conditions, now is the time.

Miners Protesting In Spain

In Spain there are miners on strike, protesting against the new government cuts. Spain has made cuts from miner benefits, cutting all their benefits, most of which are related to their safety. All this money is being used to rescue banks that are going bankrupt, and to make things worse, their private banks, meaning that tax payer money is going to the private banks. The miners have become furious with these cuts, and have started protesting. In thees protests, they have encountered with the police, and are now fighting mini wars against the police. The miners use tubes and place fireworks in them to be used as bazookas, they also use Molotov Cocktails and have made shields out of a metallic material that they have access to. Apart from fighting the police, they have been blocking off roads with trucks and other obstacles causing troublesome traffic, and blocking commerce.

Though this does affect other people in Spain, most Spanish people are in favor of these protests. As you can imagine, the government is taking away all the government funding for the security of these miners, and using that money for the rich peoples banks. How would you feel if the government cut all the spending for you and your families security? Some people do not know this, or try to ignore it, but in most countries, if you are from a working class family, you started working when you where 14, and the normal place to work if you are this young, and of a working class family, is in the factories, and mines. My grandfather started working in a steel factory when he was 14, it wasn’t until he married my grandmother that he started working in a small local shop.

Here is the video of the miners protesting:

Living Advertisements

You may not have noticed, but in all wealthy countries today people are basically walking, talking, advertisements. If you pay attention, you’ll see publicity everywhere, especially on people, whether it’s on their cars, on their shirts, or on their tattoo, advertisements are everywhere. At this point in capitalism, even people have been turned into ways to sell, or things to sell. Recently, there was a something on the news here in the U.S.A. of companies that are making homeless people free, wireless hotspots, and they “recommend” you give them $10 as a donation. This is embarrassing and inhumane, and to make things worse, they have a special t-shirt that states “My name is <name>, and I’m a wireless hotspot”, it doesn’t say that they have a wireless hotspot, it says they are one, basically proving the fact that we view them as inferior.

Ask yourself this question, why do we have the losers of society? but most of all, after this question has been posed thousands of times, why do we still allow this to continue? The answer to this is simple, humans are, for the most part, selfish. All capitalist countries today have large gaps between social classes, this is due to the fact that capitalism works that way. Capitalism works when there is continuous economic growth, but not linear growth, it needs exponential growth, it needs to make more wealth than it made the year before, leading to a need for people to spend more and more. Due to that, there comes a time when people can’t spend any more, and that was when dept began, but even dept has a limit. The limit is the deadline for returning the dept, which is what many people are encountering now. How does this lead to poverty? well now, people can’t afford to buy so many things and people begin to get laid off. In capitalism, this end is inevitable.

Now, back to the previous topic, human advertisements. Because there are all these poor people without a job, it gets easier for capitalists to do things (like the wireless hotspot homeless people), by giving jobs, with low salaries, to people who are desperate for some money to sustain themselves and their families. Now ask yourself, is this fair? is this right? The best examples of a modern countries that do not have such difference in social class, are Scandinavian countries, and Cuba. This is because these countries are built upon socialist and communist ideas of equality, which limits the difference between social classes.If you go to Finland, the difference between the poorest person and the richest person is very small, and this is because they pay you on how hard you work, and obviously, you can’t work a million times better than someone else. Cuba, on the other hand, has poor because it is a poor country, but you’ll notice that there aren’t any rich people either. This is because, in communism all are payed the same salary, which means that everyone will be in about the same economic situation. Although, even though Cuba is poor, it’s not because of communism, if you look, it’s one of the richest countries in the Caribbean, and it has an illiterate rate of 0%, better than any other country in the Caribbean. Obviously, compared to the U.S.A. Cuba is really poor, but then you’re not comparing apples to apples, you should compare Cuba to the rest of the Caribbean, and in that sense, it’s quite wealthy.

So, why do people think socialism is so bad? The answer is simple, the red scare. In the mid 1900s, after World War II, the Cold War had begun, and communism was a large threat to all capitalist countries. So what capitalist countries did is to point out all the bad aspects of communism and hide all the benefits of communism and censor it from the media. This lead to the utter hatred of communism and socialism in the U.S.A., but the hatred is unjustified, like an ancient grudge that was prompted by a third party for their own benefit. This is the reason why, if you ask an American what communism or socialism is, all they can say is “big government” and “dictatorship”, when socialism is actually democratic.

This is all I have to say for now, until my next post. Thanks for reading!


I am currently in the U.S.A., the most capitalist country in the world. Society here is so individual compared to in Europe, the most I’ve seen here of a community are the community gardens, and even those are separated into different cells for each person, and each person is in charge of their personal cell. This is the exact reason why there will be no revolution here, people are too individualistic, groups are small, there are no powerful organizations. But what makes things even worse for a leftist, is that everything is just changed into another thing to consume.

People here like to think that they are very rebellious, and they think that the hippie movement here was also very rebellious, truth is, it wasn’t. At the beginning of the hippie movement it was rebellious, but all the system did was to sell them what they liked. Instead of selling them classical music, they sold them rock; instead of selling them ties, they sold them pajamas; instead of selling them American flags, they sold them peace signs. They just ended up buying different things, but in the same proportions.

It is estimated by environmentalists, that if about 80% of the people in capitalist countries stop consuming for a month, the whole system will fall apart. If the hippies were so rebellious, the government would have been desperate to take them down and keep them quite. But there wasn’t a lot of struggle from the government to prevent the hippie movement, because they consumed just like everyone else, only different stuff, but same quantities.

This all adds up to the fact that here there is no sense of community, it is encouraged by the society to be alone, to do things alone. Things are this way because of how it was set up, by the capitalists and aristocracy that are in control. And that is why, when the revolution comes, the U.S.A. will be the final battle for socialism, the revolution will make it here last.

This does not mean that those of us who are in the U.S.A. currently can’t try to start a revolution and protest, in fact, that’s what should be happening. All I’m saying is, don’t expect anything great to come out of which ever organization you make, this is the belly of the beast.

Rage Against the Machine – Testify

This band makes many left inclining songs which you can find most of on YouTube if they haven’t already been marked as “inappropriate”. This song talks about the lack of choice in the elections of 2000 in the United States of America, for even though there were two choices, one republican and another democrat, it was the choice between evil and lesser evil, this guy will hit me 20 times and this guy will hit me 19, which am I going to choose? 19 of course, but I still get hit close to 20 times either way. Another thing which I took a laugh at during the video, at moment 2:06 it shows a lesbian couple kissing and then immediately after George W. Bush taken a back, as if he was watching it. So much for land of the free.

Make it a good day or not, the choice is yours.

Working Class Hero – Green Day

This is a song originally by John Lennon from “The Beatles” that “Green Day” modified to make their own version. It talks about the pain and suffering that the working class endures, and how even then the rich and powerful try to prevent an uprising by giving us cheap commodities, defending their power with religion and to keep on telling us that we can all be at the top, when in reality we are doomed in this system to stay at this dreadful state. I hope you like this video:

Here is the original song by John Lennon:

Thank you, make it a good day or not, the choice is yours!

Local Shopping

I think all of us have gone to a grocery store, and all of us go to nice restaurants, and it’s fine to do that every once in a while. But as company owned stores and restaurants grow bigger, the local businesses are all losing their place in society. Think about it this way, those people make a living out of that, and by buying at big company owned shops, you make it easier for them to go bankrupt.

One of the reasons why we should go to local businesses is because, for one, most of them will have more natural and healthy products, in the case of local food markets; Another reason would be that this is how these people make a living, not like big company owned stores where the owners aren’t even doing the work, they’re just sitting down at their desk doing paperwork; another reason would be that this would recreate the community we once had, for example, my dad grew up in a society with mainly local shops, everyone knew him and he knew everyone, if he was getting in trouble or if he was being bullied… whoever noticed would tell my grandparents what happened and (in the second case) tell the bully’s parents what he had done. When I moved to Spain and we went to the local market, everyone knew him, and it was way more conservatory than what you would find at a supermarket.

So if you know a local barber shop or market, next time, please go there and talk to the people around you. Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours!