Western Culture

I wrote an essay for my Social Studies class on Google Drive, and I thought it would be a good idea to share on my blog. Click here to read the document, and you can ask me questions or reply to it here on my blog.


Fuck the vote

Hello everyone, I am currently subscribed to the “The People’s Uprising” on Facebook, and they posted a video that I found explains pretty much exactly why it is useless to vote. Now, a little bit of my point of view on the video. I’m not sure if the person that made this video meant this when he posted it, but, when in the video he says that companies are meant to serve you, the way I see it is that only local companies are there to serve you, the rest are only there to take profit from you. A little reflection for you there. But enough of me, here’s the video (by the way, please watch the whole thing, if you watch only the first minute you don’t get the real message):

300 movie propaganda

OK, a few days ago I was watching the movie 300 Spartans (modern version), and I noticed (aside from many other historical inaccuracies) that the Spartan king called the Athenians “boy lovers”, when historically the Spartans were in favor of homosexuality, because they thought that if there was a homosexual couple on the battle field together, that they would fight harder to impress or show off to the other male. This was obviously propaganda against homosexuals from the movie industries.