Fuck the vote

Hello everyone, I am currently subscribed to the “The People’s Uprising” on Facebook, and they posted a video that I found explains pretty much exactly why it is useless to vote. Now, a little bit of my point of view on the video. I’m not sure if the person that made this video meant this when he posted it, but, when in the video he says that companies are meant to serve you, the way I see it is that only local companies are there to serve you, the rest are only there to take profit from you. A little reflection for you there. But enough of me, here’s the video (by the way, please watch the whole thing, if you watch only the first minute you don’t get the real message):


The Battle Continues

In Spain, the miners continue to fight back against the police and the anti-rioters, but now, with even more support than before. Spain has been cutting everywhere to save more private banks that are going bankrupt, which means that all social workers are having their salaries cut, along with health and education. Many of you that are American (from the U.S.) might notice that the miner complains that they now have to pay 1 euro for medicines. Well, before they didn’t have to pay (I know that here it’s damn expensive, as is everything), but, now only that, but think about people who are so poor, that they cannot afford it, or retired people (note, that as I said before, their income will also be cut) who need 10 different pills.

Because of all these cuts, the situation in Spain is getting massive, people are angry, and even the police and anti-rioters are protesting after their shifts, telling the Spanish government “Remember, your security is in our hands!” outside public buildings. Along with the miners, who have all gathered in Madrid, Spain’s capitol, where they protest in front of government buildings, hosting the largest protest that Spain has had, since they started recording with the protest against the fascist government, during the rule of Francisco Franco.

Here is a video of the protests, it is in Spanish, but it has English subtitles:

Miners Protesting In Spain

In Spain there are miners on strike, protesting against the new government cuts. Spain has made cuts from miner benefits, cutting all their benefits, most of which are related to their safety. All this money is being used to rescue banks that are going bankrupt, and to make things worse, their private banks, meaning that tax payer money is going to the private banks. The miners have become furious with these cuts, and have started protesting. In thees protests, they have encountered with the police, and are now fighting mini wars against the police. The miners use tubes and place fireworks in them to be used as bazookas, they also use Molotov Cocktails and have made shields out of a metallic material that they have access to. Apart from fighting the police, they have been blocking off roads with trucks and other obstacles causing troublesome traffic, and blocking commerce.

Though this does affect other people in Spain, most Spanish people are in favor of these protests. As you can imagine, the government is taking away all the government funding for the security of these miners, and using that money for the rich peoples banks. How would you feel if the government cut all the spending for you and your families security? Some people do not know this, or try to ignore it, but in most countries, if you are from a working class family, you started working when you where 14, and the normal place to work if you are this young, and of a working class family, is in the factories, and mines. My grandfather started working in a steel factory when he was 14, it wasn’t until he married my grandmother that he started working in a small local shop.

Here is the video of the miners protesting:


I am currently in the U.S.A., the most capitalist country in the world. Society here is so individual compared to in Europe, the most I’ve seen here of a community are the community gardens, and even those are separated into different cells for each person, and each person is in charge of their personal cell. This is the exact reason why there will be no revolution here, people are too individualistic, groups are small, there are no powerful organizations. But what makes things even worse for a leftist, is that everything is just changed into another thing to consume.

People here like to think that they are very rebellious, and they think that the hippie movement here was also very rebellious, truth is, it wasn’t. At the beginning of the hippie movement it was rebellious, but all the system did was to sell them what they liked. Instead of selling them classical music, they sold them rock; instead of selling them ties, they sold them pajamas; instead of selling them American flags, they sold them peace signs. They just ended up buying different things, but in the same proportions.

It is estimated by environmentalists, that if about 80% of the people in capitalist countries stop consuming for a month, the whole system will fall apart. If the hippies were so rebellious, the government would have been desperate to take them down and keep them quite. But there wasn’t a lot of struggle from the government to prevent the hippie movement, because they consumed just like everyone else, only different stuff, but same quantities.

This all adds up to the fact that here there is no sense of community, it is encouraged by the society to be alone, to do things alone. Things are this way because of how it was set up, by the capitalists and aristocracy that are in control. And that is why, when the revolution comes, the U.S.A. will be the final battle for socialism, the revolution will make it here last.

This does not mean that those of us who are in the U.S.A. currently can’t try to start a revolution and protest, in fact, that’s what should be happening. All I’m saying is, don’t expect anything great to come out of which ever organization you make, this is the belly of the beast.