Dear Americans: Vote Blank!

In the U.S. there is an ever growing lack of voter participation in elections, which has driven many Americans to worry and fund campaigns to motivate people to vote on election days by saying things such as “If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain” or “If you don’t vote, it means that you don’t care”. Apart from the fact that this is far from the truth, there is one reason I can see to vote, which is to make clear that you are in favor of democracy and the right to vote. However, how does one do this without helping the same parties as always? without giving your vote to a lesser evil once again? Many people feel discouraged to vote for that reason, they are discontent with both major parties and do not with to vote for a lesser evil.

A simple way to protest the unfair electoral system that exists is to do something that in Europe has been common for a while now, which is to vote blank. This simply implies turning in an empty valet. You have proven that you care by going and voting, but you have voted for nobody, therefore stressing that you disagree with the parties presented and wish for a change.

Of course, the media will not notice people voting blank unless there is a large number who do so, but considering there were only 58.2% of Americans present in the previous election, imagine if at least 20% of those that did not participate voted blank instead. This would catch the eye of many and perhaps change the discourse of the political debate to the electoral process that could possibly result in a change for the better.

So I would like to ask that in 2016 and all other elections in which you feel like you are not completely represented by the parties on the valet that you vote blank.