Living Advertisements

You may not have noticed, but in all wealthy countries today people are basically walking, talking, advertisements. If you pay attention, you’ll see publicity everywhere, especially on people, whether it’s on their cars, on their shirts, or on their tattoo, advertisements are everywhere. At this point in capitalism, even people have been turned into ways to sell, or things to sell. Recently, there was a something on the news here in the U.S.A. of companies that are making homeless people free, wireless hotspots, and they “recommend” you give them $10 as a donation. This is embarrassing and inhumane, and to make things worse, they have a special t-shirt that states “My name is <name>, and I’m a wireless hotspot”, it doesn’t say that they have a wireless hotspot, it says they are one, basically proving the fact that we view them as inferior.

Ask yourself this question, why do we have the losers of society? but most of all, after this question has been posed thousands of times, why do we still allow this to continue? The answer to this is simple, humans are, for the most part, selfish. All capitalist countries today have large gaps between social classes, this is due to the fact that capitalism works that way. Capitalism works when there is continuous economic growth, but not linear growth, it needs exponential growth, it needs to make more wealth than it made the year before, leading to a need for people to spend more and more. Due to that, there comes a time when people can’t spend any more, and that was when dept began, but even dept has a limit. The limit is the deadline for returning the dept, which is what many people are encountering now. How does this lead to poverty? well now, people can’t afford to buy so many things and people begin to get laid off. In capitalism, this end is inevitable.

Now, back to the previous topic, human advertisements. Because there are all these poor people without a job, it gets easier for capitalists to do things (like the wireless hotspot homeless people), by giving jobs, with low salaries, to people who are desperate for some money to sustain themselves and their families. Now ask yourself, is this fair? is this right? The best examples of a modern countries that do not have such difference in social class, are Scandinavian countries, and Cuba. This is because these countries are built upon socialist and communist ideas of equality, which limits the difference between social classes.If you go to Finland, the difference between the poorest person and the richest person is very small, and this is because they pay you on how hard you work, and obviously, you can’t work a million times better than someone else. Cuba, on the other hand, has poor because it is a poor country, but you’ll notice that there aren’t any rich people either. This is because, in communism all are payed the same salary, which means that everyone will be in about the same economic situation. Although, even though Cuba is poor, it’s not because of communism, if you look, it’s one of the richest countries in the Caribbean, and it has an illiterate rate of 0%, better than any other country in the Caribbean. Obviously, compared to the U.S.A. Cuba is really poor, but then you’re not comparing apples to apples, you should compare Cuba to the rest of the Caribbean, and in that sense, it’s quite wealthy.

So, why do people think socialism is so bad? The answer is simple, the red scare. In the mid 1900s, after World War II, the Cold War had begun, and communism was a large threat to all capitalist countries. So what capitalist countries did is to point out all the bad aspects of communism and hide all the benefits of communism and censor it from the media. This lead to the utter hatred of communism and socialism in the U.S.A., but the hatred is unjustified, like an ancient grudge that was prompted by a third party for their own benefit. This is the reason why, if you ask an American what communism or socialism is, all they can say is “big government” and “dictatorship”, when socialism is actually democratic.

This is all I have to say for now, until my next post. Thanks for reading!


I am currently in the U.S.A., the most capitalist country in the world. Society here is so individual compared to in Europe, the most I’ve seen here of a community are the community gardens, and even those are separated into different cells for each person, and each person is in charge of their personal cell. This is the exact reason why there will be no revolution here, people are too individualistic, groups are small, there are no powerful organizations. But what makes things even worse for a leftist, is that everything is just changed into another thing to consume.

People here like to think that they are very rebellious, and they think that the hippie movement here was also very rebellious, truth is, it wasn’t. At the beginning of the hippie movement it was rebellious, but all the system did was to sell them what they liked. Instead of selling them classical music, they sold them rock; instead of selling them ties, they sold them pajamas; instead of selling them American flags, they sold them peace signs. They just ended up buying different things, but in the same proportions.

It is estimated by environmentalists, that if about 80% of the people in capitalist countries stop consuming for a month, the whole system will fall apart. If the hippies were so rebellious, the government would have been desperate to take them down and keep them quite. But there wasn’t a lot of struggle from the government to prevent the hippie movement, because they consumed just like everyone else, only different stuff, but same quantities.

This all adds up to the fact that here there is no sense of community, it is encouraged by the society to be alone, to do things alone. Things are this way because of how it was set up, by the capitalists and aristocracy that are in control. And that is why, when the revolution comes, the U.S.A. will be the final battle for socialism, the revolution will make it here last.

This does not mean that those of us who are in the U.S.A. currently can’t try to start a revolution and protest, in fact, that’s what should be happening. All I’m saying is, don’t expect anything great to come out of which ever organization you make, this is the belly of the beast.