Fuck the vote

Hello everyone, I am currently subscribed to the “The People’s Uprising” on Facebook, and they posted a video that I found explains pretty much exactly why it is useless to vote. Now, a little bit of my point of view on the video. I’m not sure if the person that made this video meant this when he posted it, but, when in the video he says that companies are meant to serve you, the way I see it is that only local companies are there to serve you, the rest are only there to take profit from you. A little reflection for you there. But enough of me, here’s the video (by the way, please watch the whole thing, if you watch only the first minute you don’t get the real message):


Stuff – Nicolás Ortega

There are so many things that surround us
Artificial things made by exploited beings
People that did nothing to deserve such harsh treatment
While we all pay the people that keep them prisoner

We buy clothes and computers and drinks
Most of which we could do without
Making the wall around you taller as it closes you in
All while these workers have nothing but sweat and blood

Mother nature continues to crumble
As we suck wealth from her like a parasite
She loses her beauty as we kill her slowly
With our greedy souls and our minds bent profit

There’s no renewable energy
There will always be some material to extract
Whether is it’s gasoline, coal, or silicon
The only solution is to consume less

We continue to buy more and more things
Stuff that we want because other people have it
Stuff that we want to impress others
Stuff to fill up the gap in our hearts where there was once love

We buy to fill up this gap in our hearts
But the heart cannot be filled with material things
It is love that we need to fill this gap
Love not only of a partner, but of everyone around

House & Television

House & Television – Nicolás Ortega

Life is silent
Everyone lives in cells
Made by their own actions
And their own individualism

Everyone lives in fear
Fear of the guy next door
Nobody knows him
Nobody knows anyone

People are locked inside
Being brainwashed by screens
Watching as the world they live in
Slowly falls apart

People build their own walls
Walls that only a select few can climb
They try to isolate themselves
Making their world smaller and smaller

Finally, the wall is complete
You know only yourself
They try You start to fall into pieces
As you cease to exist

The City

The City – Nicolás Ortega

It’s never dark
The sky never turns black
The stars are all covered
By the lights of the city

The moon shines bright
But is covered by clouds
Dark clouds of evil
That are caused by our pollution

There is never silence
Always noise
Noise of the city
Which clouds our minds

There’s too much stuff
Things that cloud our minds
Luxuries that chain us
Trapped in homes which are our cells

There are lights on all night
Of peoples televisions on all night
Indicating those that are infected
Needing the noise to sleep

This is life in the city
A place of noise, violence, and evil
Where people are infected with individualism
And consumerism which haunts them daily


Hello everyone!

I have been making poetry lately, and I would like to share it with you. You will find all my poetry in the “Poetry” category. I might not only be posting my poetry, but poetry by other authors that I like. Please check it out when you can, I plan on posting some poetry right after I post this.